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Cookie Lab



Cookie Lab OC was created after years of refining recipes, bringing cookies to get-togethers, and having everyone ask why I'm not selling them!


So, here we are. After much experimentation (and a few flops along the way), I'm pleased to bring you what I consider to be the best cookies on the West Coast! Don't believe me? Try them and find out!


Enormous soft-baked cookies with flavors so good you have to try to believe, these cookies scream decadence! 

This Is How We Do It


20210202_102646 (1).jpg

Hi, I'm Brittany and welcome to Cookie Lab OC!


My passion has always been to create sweet treats that can be enjoyed guilt-free! As a former D1 athlete, fitness instructor and sports nutritionist, it has always been my goal to make dessert good for you!

At Cookie Lab OC, we have something for everyone! Whether you want a full-flavored indulgence with all the traditional ingredients, or you're looking for something allergen-friendly, we've got you covered!

In addition to our delicious, traditional recipe cookies, we offer gluten-free, nut-free, low sugar, sugar free, and paleo options!


For your convenience, we offer nationwide shipping, next-day pick up, or in-store shopping!

Shop Cookie Lab OC and feel good about your sweet tooth! As a female-owned small business, we take pride in sourcing eco-friendly packaging and strive to give back to organizations like childrens' hospitals, animal welfare organizations, and veterans associations. With every purchase, your dollars help fund a dream, reduce environmental impact, and support worthwhile causes!


Welcome to the Cookie Lab family!



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